Investment & Asset Management

We build and manage portfolios

We build property portfolios that last because we hope to manage for the long term. Too often, investors purchase property based on unreasonable investment assumptions because of market inexperience on their part and/or their agent’s part – and sometimes because they’re being taken advantage of.

Let us protect you. We can represent you directly or happily work with your agent on a consulting basis. We use realistic assumptions built directly from our experiences with managed property.

We’ve built some of the most advanced analytics in Arizona and leverage them to find the best opportunities for our clients. Frankly, if we cannot find a great opportunity, we’ll advise you to hold off. We’re not chasing commissions. Your expensive mistakes are our expensive mistakes.

We have a variety of ways to invest in the market. You can purchase property directly through a public or pocket listing, pool your funds with others to diversify and spread risk, or invest directly in notes. We have relationships with many different types of lenders. We’ll help you find the right fit for your investment goals.

Property Management

Nearly 40 years in business and over a century of combined experience

Since 1979, we have helped clients navigate the good times and bad in Arizona real estate. We have loads of experience dealing with complex problems and doing so confidentially.

Leasing, Accounts Receivable, Managing Tenants, Notices, Evictions, Accounts Payable, Managing Turns, Managing Maintenance, Section 8, etc. We do it all. And we do it for the individual investor up to the institutional investor.

Do you need accrual accounting? Do you need special GLs? Do you need custom reports? Do you need us to work with a cash management system? Do you have custom software? We can work with it all.

On top of that, we’re creative problem solvers. We think outside the box for strategies and custom built solutions. Our diversified experience is your asset.

Only own a property or two and have cash flow issues? Own more? Talk to us. We have solutions.